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If you need a Locksmith in Widnes or Emergency Locksmith in Widnes call Derek on 07967-778940 for a free no obligation quote. Your Locksmith Widnes, can open locked doors, replace locks, fit locks and cut keys and your Locksmith Widnes can normally be with you within 45 minutes and during a week day our charges are from just £58.


Your Local Locksmiths in Widnes, Lockkeys Locksmith Services are a local family owned Widnes Locksmiths providing locksmiths in Widnes and St Helens and other surrounding areas. Here at Locksmith Widnes we provide a local service at local prices and we take a pride in what we do, Locksmith Widnes provide a community service and know that if we do a good job for you then you are more likely to reccomend us to others you cant buy this sort of advertising and Locksmiths Widnes would like to thank our customers for this.

Locksmith Widnes 07967 778940

Emergency Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940

Need Local Locksmiths Widnes then give us a ring, we can be with you within 45 minutes guarantee our locks and work for 12 months and being Local Locksmiths Widnes our prices are from just £48 with no vat and no call out fees.


By using Local Locksmiths Widnes you will be supporting a local business and our customers also gain certain advantages when dealing with us. For example being Local Locksmiths Widnes our prices are far lower than those of a national company, and we can be with you faster.


Also being Local Locksmiths Widnes we work with and on behalf of the community, our name matters if we do good work for you then you are more likely to pass on our details to others and so Locksmiths Widnes may get more work this is the type of advertising that you cannot pay for and has helped us to remain in business for over 5 years.

Locked out call your Emergency Locksmiths Widnes 0n 07967 778940 Locksmith Widnes are family owned 24 Hour Locksmiths in Widnes and surrounding areas we can be with you within 45 minutes of your call to help you gain entry back into your premises and replace your locks if required, during the weekdays this service is from just £48, during the evening the price is £68 and during the night the price is £98. Compare our prices with other Locksmiths in Widnes we are sure you can save thats why we display our prices.


Many customers who use our Emergency Locksmiths Widnes Service have either been the victim of crime, lost their keys or need to quickly change locks due to other circumstances, Emergency Locksmiths Widnes can replace your locks when required as we carry a vast amount of stock with us so no need to go and get other locks, however if we did their is no extra charge for this time as our Emergency Locksmiths Widnes charge for the job and not per hour unlike some other Locksmiths in Widnes .

When you need 24 Hour Locksmiths Widnes give us a ring on 07967 778940 we can be with you within 45 minutes of your call no matter what time of day or night we dont use a call centre and have our phones on 24 hours a day which will be answered by the owners Pam or Derek your 24 hour Widnes Locksmiths provide free no obligation quotes we do not charge vat and do not charge a call out fee, and also we charge for the job and not per hour, your 24 Hour Locksmiths Widnes look forward to assisting you with your lock problems.

Local Locksmiths Widnes 07967778940

24 Hour Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940

Mailbox Locks Widnes 07967 778940

If you have just moved into a new apartment then Locksmith Widnes suggest that you consider changing your mailbox lock, whether you have the key or not we can change your mailbox lock for just £48 including 2 new keys.  It will take our Widnes Locksmiths approximately 30 minutes to open your mailbox if locked and change the lock and we can do this at a time to suit you at the same price with a pre booked appointment.

Local Locksmiths ambulance-24405_1280 Locksmith Widnes 24 Hour Locksmiths Locksmith Widnes Mailbox Locks

Widnes Locksmiths Near Me ?

When looking for Widnes Locksmiths Near Me give us a ring on 07967 778940 for a free no obligation quote we are just 7 miles away from Widnes town centre so can be with you within 45 minutes most times earlier our prices are from just £53 for a lock change in Widnes .


When you phone us you will speak to either Derek or Pam the business owners who can let you know what the price would be and if you decide to use us then how long we would be.

We are based in St Helens but cover most areas that we can get to within 45 minutes and we charge local not national prices.

Upvc Door Locks Widnes

Call Locksmith Widnes on 07967 778940 if your having problems with your upvc door locks, and ask us for a free no obligation quote, when our customers have problems with upvc doors its normally to do with either the lock cylinder, the handles, door keeps, missalignment of door, or the multipoint lock itself. By asking a few questions over the phone we can normally give you an idea of what the problem is and how much we would charge you to fix the problem.


For a multilock replacement our normal charge is £145 all in, this price may be more expensive if your lock is for a composite door or is an unusual lock such as a Ucem.

Locksmith Widnes For Quality and Reliability Call 07967 778940

Locksmith Widnes Quality and Reliability Guaranteed, we know that if we do a good job for you then your more likely to tell others about us and then theres always a chance of us getting more work, this is why with our Locksmiths Widnes we will always provide our customers with a free no obligation quote which will come from the business owners either Pam or Derek Mercer, and when we do work for our customers they get a 12 month work and locks guarantee.


At Locksmiths Widnes we always treat our customers like we would like to be treated ourselves which means when we make an appointment with you we will keep to it, and always keep you updated when we are doing work for you. We will also do work after normal hours for our customers if thats what is required, we dont expect our customers to take time off work.

Locksmith Widnes Quality and Reliaiblity

Free Security Checks Call Locksmiths Widnes

Free Security Checks Call Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940 we work with and for the community and want all our customers to b e as safe as possible so we are offering free security checks so if youve just moved into a new property or just getting insurance for your home or business or renewing your policy and need advice on what locks you currently have compared to what your insurance company want then give Pam or Derek a ring at Locksmiths Widnes this service is totally free of charge.

Free Security Checks Call Locksmiths Widnes

Affordable Master Key Systems With Locksmiths Widnes

Lockkeys Locksmiths Masterkeys

Affordable Master Key Systems with Locksmiths Widnes whether its for a school,college, bed and breakfast or office we can assist with the supply and fitting of a bespoke system to suit your needs and we can also offer a restricted key system which means that only authorised persons can have keys duplicated through the lock manufacturer they cannot be duplicated by a local keycutter or cobbler.


Whats the difference between a keyed alike system and a Master key system ? Imagine a multiple occupancy house with 3 communal/public doors and 4 private bedrooms,  you could have the communal doors working off one key (keyed alike) but the others would need to have individual keys which would mean the owner would need a total of 5 keys to be able to open all the doors.

With a master key system you could have one key that will open the communal doors and a bedroom door but it would not open the other bedroom doors however the owner would have one key which would open every door in the house, for further infomation or a free no obligation quote give Derek or Pam a ring at Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940.

Brisant Ultion High Security Locks Supplied And Fitted In Widnes


When you wnat the best locks for your property then theres only one High Security Lock that Locksmiths Widnes recommend and supply and thats the Brisant Ultion, why this lock ? well its acheived the highest security standards in the UK and its quality is superb.


Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes we beleive in providing quality and reliability and this is why although we supply locks to suit every budget this is the only High Security euro cylinder we we supply and fit.


If you would like a free quote for this lock then give Derek or Pam a ring on 07967 778940.

Window Restrictors For Safety And Security

Locksmiths Widnes Window Restrictors

Did you know that window restrictors can be used for both safety and security its often the case that we open windows all the year round and can be susceptible to thieves who simply climb through the window and steal our property, window restrictors such as the type pictured can help prevent this as they restrict how far your window will open and stop them climbing through, its a simple security method that works, most newer windows will have a built in restrictor if this is the case please use them.

Window restrictors can also help prevent accidents, preventing children and older adults who may have a dementia type illness from falling through the gap in the window.

If you would like to know more about these types of window restrictors or would like a free no obligation quote then please contact Pam or Derek your Locksmith Widnes on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers for without them we wouldnt be here.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes Whats In A Name ?

Locksmith Widnes Whats In A Name

Whats in a name? for Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes its means everything, being local family owned locksmiths we depend a lot on word of mouth referrals, we believe in having a customer for life and we know if we do a good job for you then your more likely to tell others about us and of course we are more likely to get more work

So when your call Derek our Locksmith in Widnes quality and reliability is guaranteed our name means a lot to us


Keeping Safe With Locksmiths Widnes

Keeping safe with Locksmiths Widnes is easy one of our top tips is simply to use your key to lock your door, really say some of our customers ? Be warned if you have door handles like this then please ensure you use your key to lock the door otherwise your door will be insecure it would take Locksmiths Widnes less than a minute to open this door and unfortunately its not only locksmiths who can open these doors its easy its fast and its quiet and you know what it can be prevented by simply using your key to lock the door, keeping safe with Locksmiths Widnes .

Keep Safe With Lockmsiths Widnes

Locksmiths Widnes Troubleshooting Guide Upvc Door Locks

Troubleshooting Guide UPVC Doors


We at Locksmiths Widnes quite often are asked to attend both Commercial and Domestic properties where there is a problem with a UPVC Door either not locking, jammed shut, or unable to close, some of these problems could be prevented and so we have put together this troubleshooting guide so customers can better identify what is wrong with their UPVC Door.


Five Main Components of a UPVC Door


There are essentially 5 main components to a Upvc door, beside the door itself there are the (A) Handles (B)Hinges (C) Euro Cylinder (D) Multipoint lock gearbox, Hooks and Rollers (E) lock Keeps.


On the next pages we will describe for our customers common problems that can arise with the individual components.




Door Handles


There are normally not many problems caused by door handles failing however we sometimes get a call to say that my door handles are loose or my door handles are spinning around


If you find that your door handles are loose then try and tighten the screws on the handle to see if that solves the problem, they can come loose over time, if this does not work then check the area where the handle meets the faceplate if its this part thats loose then you will need to replace the handles at some point before the handle comes away from the faceplate.


There are many different types of handles and sizes so the easiest way of replacing yours would be to take off one of the handles and take it to a shop that supplies handles to ensure you get the right size  alternatively call a locksmith for a quote.


If your handles are spinning around on both sides of the door  then this could indicate a problem with the multi-lock gearbox which you may need to replace again I would suggest calling a locksmith for a quote.



Euro Cylinder


Locksmiths Widnes  often get calls where the problem seems to be the Euro Cylinder which is found at the bottom of the handles and is the part where the key fits in, it is this part that locks everything in place. If you find that the key is getting difficult to put into the lock then check another key first preferably an original as it could be that one key is worn or has not been cut correctly, if this is the same then it could be that your euro cylinder needs replacing again it may be worth asking a locksmith for a quote to replace your euro cylinder.


If your door is locked and the euro cylinder is just spinning around then this would again indicate that your euro cylinder as failed and needs replacing again we would suggest getting a quote from a locksmith as the lock would need to be removed safely doing this yourself could possibly damage other parts of the multilock which cost a lot more to repair than the euro cylinder itself.


If the euro cylinder is not moving at all or not moving much then this could indicate a problem with the multi-lock gearbox we suggest getting a quote from a locksmith as the euro cylinder may need to be removed before checking the function of the multi-lock gearbox itself which may need to be replaced.





Upvc Door Hinges

Over time you may find that your door is catching the frame when closing your Upvc door this may be because the door has dropped. Basically Upvc doors are very heavy and over time the strain on the door hinges may cause the door to drop a few millimetres which can affect the function of the door.


To check if this is the cause look at the top corners of your door you should see a line where the door is jointed, now look at the frame again you should see a line where the frame is jointed as a basic rule these lines should match up, if the door line is lower than the frame line then your door has dropped.


If this is the case then you will need the door adjusting and possibly the hinges and keeps on the side of the door which accept the multipoint lock hooks and rollers, and please also bear in mind that if over time locking the door has become worse, then the probability is that your multipoint gearbox has suffered wear and tear and we would suggest that you replace this at the same time as adjusting your door.


Although the adjusting of doors appears easy when seen on youtube,  believe me when I say it isn't otherwise why would you need installers and locksmiths. For example their are a number of different types of hinges including flag and butt hinges, the one displayed in the photo is a flag hinge and this can be adjusted to pull the door up/down and in/out. We would suggest because of the work involved getting a quote from a locksmith.


Multipoint Lock- Gearbox, Hook and Rollers

The above pictures show the components of a multipoint lock which are the gearbox,hooks and or rollers the gearbox is fitted inside the door where your handles go through, you don't actually see this once inside the door however it is the part that controls the hooks and rollers when you lift the handle they come out and when you push the handles down they go back in.


If the gearbox fails in the locked position then you will need a locksmith to open the door for you and replace the gearbox or the full multipoint lock. Quite often a combination of the door dropping and bad fitting of the lock keeps means that it becomes harder to lift the handle and lock the door,  this puts more strain on the gearbox and eventually it will fail.


Occasionally but not very often it is the hooks and rollers that fail, if this happens and the door is in the locked position again you will need a locksmith to open the door for you and change the full multipoint lock.

If your door is becoming hard to lock or the handles are becoming harder to lift up, then

One way of checking if you multipoint lock is on its way out is by opening the door and whilst in this position lift the handles up, if this is easy then it could be that its just your door and or keeps that need adjusting. If however it is still hard to lift the handles then it would appear that you multipoint lock is the problem.


Multipoint Door Lock Keeps


Above is a picture of a Multipoint Door Lock keep which is for hooks and rollers, the hole is where a hook would fit and above this is where the roller would fit locking your door at multi points hence the name multipoint door lock.


If having checked your door is locking when open but is not working properly when you lift the handles when the door is shut the the likelihood is that the door has dropped and either that or the keeps need adjusting.


However occasionally screws can come loose so check the keep for any loose screws as it could be this that is affecting the non locking of your door, please remember that their are different types of lock keeps the one pictured above is a full piece keep however yours could be in two or more pieces.


If you're keeps need adjusting then Locksmiths Widnes advise getting a quote from a locksmith as this can be a time consuming task which if not done right could further damage you multipoint lock.

Standard Security Locks Or High Security Locks Whats The Difference ?

Locksmiths Widnes High Security Locks

Here at Locksmiths Widnes we supply and fit locks to suit most budgets from standard secuoty locks to High security locks but we are often asked whats the difference, well its simply how much protection the lock provides, if you look at the picture I thnk you will be able to tell the difference between the high security lock and the standard security lock.

As methods of attacking locks have changed over the years locks have been developed to resist these attacks and protect your property, the standard security lock wil protect against picking and drilling but not snapping, whereas the Federal Ironguard 3 Star Cylinder has achieved the highest standards in the UK its a 3 star Diamond Grade Cylinder which wil protect from picking,drilling,snapping,bumping and it has a restricted key which means onloy the owner of the locks can get keys cut by using a ownership card which comes with the locks.

So if you need standard euro cylinders for your doors we can supply and fit them but if you needed something special then we can also quote for these locks, just give Pam or Derek a ring on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.

By Using Local Locksmiths Widnes Your Helping Other Local Businesses.

By using Local Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940 your not only going to benefit from a better price a faster response and probably better workmanship you will also be helping other local businesses.


Local Locksmiths Widnes spend money locally from getting fuel to buying food and employing other local trades to do work your money is also benefitting other local businesses and preserving local jobs, its something that we often dont think about but is true.


Even going over the Mersey Gateway Bridge is helping the local economy despite the need to pay, if your wanting a local locksmith widnes or would like a quote please call Pam or Derek on 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers.

Locked Out in Widnes ? How Can I Get My Door Open ?

Im Locked Out How Do I Open My Door

If your locked out in Widnes and are asking how can I get my door open the answer is easy just call Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes on 07855 867422 who can be with you within 30 minutes to get your door open.


Dont be like another customer who had a freindly neighbour open his door for him costing the customer more in the end as the neighbour made a complete mess of the lock handles and multipoint lock gearbox meaning all these needed to be replaced when Our Widnes Locksmith could have opened the door without damage.

Need A Safes Locksmith Widnes ? Call 07967 778940

Commercial Domestic Vault

When you need a Safes Locksmith in Widnes then give us a ring on 07967 778940 we know one of the best in the business Mark is a Locksmith who specialises in Safes and Vaults, hes a member of the Safe and Vault Technicians Association and knows his stuff.


Whether you have a commercial or domestic safe or vault Mark can help, if you need a Safe Opening in Widnes have lost the code or keys or simply need the codes changing or your safe or vault servicing he can help.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes Working With Old And New Locks

20180726_120034 20180726_121353

Here at Locksmiths Widnes we work with both old and new locks, and its always a pleasure working with old church locks the one pictured probably was fitted on the door by a locksmith in 1879 and due to a lost key was taken off the door in 2018 by a locksmith who will get keys made for it using much the same methods eg being cut by hand.


These older locks were protected by a ward inside of the lock and the keys were cut to fit the ward hence the fancy cutting on old church keys.


Security wise they are not the most secure of locks in the modern age but they do have historical value especially when they are still working after 139 years.


If you need a quote for a old or new lock then give Pam or Derek at Locksmiths Widnes a ring on 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers.

Need A Locksmith In Widnes Then Call Lockkeys Not The Stooges

Call Lockkeys Locksmiths The Professional Locksmiths

When you need a locksmith in Widnes call Lockkeys Locksmiths on 07967 778940 not the Stooges, I used to love the three stooges when I was younger they used to turn their hands to anything but I wouldnt like them touching my locks.

Its the same now if I want some decorating doing I wouldnt ask a handyman, here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes we provide a Professional Locksmith Service we dont do any gardening or decorating we stick to what we do best which is locksmithing, just like the Three Stooges we are good at what we do so if you want a good job doing for a fair price hen give Derek or Pam a ring at Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes we are here to help our customers.

Locksmiths Widnes Say Check Your Locks


Here at Locksmiths Widnes 07967 779940 we say check your locks don make it easy for the thieves.

If you have locks like the one pictured on your french doors then it is not secure, thousands of these were installed onto french doors in th late 70s and 80s and despite being a very reliable lock they were only 2 lever so not very secure.

These locks are also not insurance approved so if the worse should happen it could nullify any claim, check with your insurance policy to see whats required on your doors and if you need to upgrade them then give Derek or Pam of Lockkeys Locksmith Services a ring on 07967 778940 we provide no obligation quotes and provide Locksmiths in Widnes..

Locksmith Training Cheshire - Your New Career Could Start Here

20190415_143822 (1)

Looking for Locksmith Training Cheshire then your new career could start here www.locksmithtraining.org.uk locksmith courses being run by two independent trading locksmiths suited to those who want to become locksmiths as a career but also maintenance companies who are looking at upskilling employees to reduce costs on lock related jobs.

The training is carried out both within the workshop at Lea Green St Helens and out on the road on live jobs so our students see both perfect world jobs and the not so perfect reality of jobs in the real world.


Keeping The Wolves Away From Your Door With Locksmiths Widnes

First and foremost our job is to assist customers in securing their property. We do this by providing a reliable quality service and providing advice and locks to suit a persons budget.

One of the easiest ways of keeping the wolf away form the door is by using the locks on your doors correctly and locking them with your keys.

Its always surprising when Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940 visit customers who still dont lock their doors correctly as they are increasing the risks of the wolf coming into their homes.

If you need locks replacing or have a lock that isnt working ive Derek or Pam a call at Locksmiths Widnes we provide no obligation quotes.


Locksmiths Widnes - The Problem Solvers

At Locksmiths Widnes we are problem solvers our customers dont call us on 07967 778940 for a general chat they are normally calling us to help them solve a lock problem. The door pictured was one such problem our customer needed a internal louvre door locking but normal locks wouldnt work because of the thin width of the door. We came up with a cost effective solution by suggesting and installing a garage door bolt the customer was very happy with the result.

Locksmiths Widnes Have Been Listening To Their Customers Since 2009

brexit-2123573_640 (1)

Running the Country is like running a business if you dont listen to what customers want you run the chance of losing them. At Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940 weve been listening to our customers with what they want since 2009. We understand that customers want a no obligation quote when they call with transparent prices so we provide a all in price  for a job no call out fees no vat no extra prices for parts  and unlike other advertised Widnes Locksmiths you pay for the job and not per hour.

If you need a Widnes Locksmith call Pam or Derek on 07967 778940 we are here for the customer.

I Can Lock My Door But Cant Get The Key Out ?


If you can lock your door but then can get the key out then its likely to be a mis-aligned cam thats causing the problem and your euro cylinder will need replacing. This problem is normaly caused when a key is left on the inside of the lock and someone uses a key on the opposite side of the lock.

Its a common problem that is easily solved by Derek our Widnes Locksmith if you would like a no obligation quote then call Pam or Derek at Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers.

Locksmiths Widnes Did You Know ?


At Locksmiths Widnes we practice picking locks for about an hour every day but did you know that most locksmiths spend more time practising lock picking than they do on customers doors ? Its a fact that for most locksmiths emergency lock outs only account for less than 10% of their total work and in fact most of the lock out situations that our Widnes Locksmith Derek goes to he is able to help customers back ino their property witout the need to pick the lock.


Just When You Think Youve Seen It All

At Lockkeys Locksmiths  we have been providing locksmith services in Widnes for over 10 years now and weve seen good work bad work and diabolical work but just when you think youve seen it all something else turns up just like the customers lock pictured.

Normally these locks (euro cylinders) have just one screwhole in them but this lock we were replacing had 3 screwholes in them we couldnt think of any reasons why it would be like this and even members of the locksmith community via our whatsapp group couldnt provide a definitive answer as to why.

The lock was replaced as part of other work we were carryin out and now only has one screwhole in it so back to normallity.

Whatever your lock problems in Widnes call Derek or Pam on 07967 778940 for a no obligation quote we are happy to advise customers.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes Open During The Lockdown


The world has changed since coronavirus and the way we work has also changed. We started back to work on the 24th April after risk assessing how we could work safely for our customers and ourselves. We now wipe down all work areas with antibacterial wipes before and after any work is carried out, and we also wear overalls that are changed frequently we also use hand wi[pes and alcogel hand rub.

At Locksmiths Widnes we have always put health and safety first but its now more important than ever, we hope our customers appreciate the need for social distancing when we carry out work.

If you require a Locksmith in Widnes then call Pam or Derek on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.

Buying A New Nightlatch ? Dont Forget To Check The Size


Nightlatches most commonly known as a Yale Lock are normally found on wooden doors although Derek our Widnes Locksmith has seen them on upvc and composite type doors.

These locks normally as a rule come in two different sizes known as a backset which is 40mm and 60mm backsets however there is exceptions and one of these is the one pictured its a union non deadlocking nightlatch.

This union nightlatch has a 50mm backset and so standard locks will not work because the hole in the door that the locks cylinder fits through is in the wrong position, so key to this is to check the size of your nightlatch.

Alternatively if you would like a no obligation quote for replacing a nightlatch or other lock call Pam or Derek the owners of Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.