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Beware The Fishermen (Protect Your Property)

By Derek Mercer, Feb 23 2017 01:18PM

Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes want everyone to feel and be safe in their own homes, so please Beware the Fishermen who are our to steal your property, its one of the oldest tricks in the book and a very quiet method, the theives simply drive around looking for nice cars, they then peer through your letterbox looking for any keys left close to the door they then simply fish the keys through the letterbox and use these to burgle your house and or steal your car.

Preventing this from happening to you is easy simply hide your keys away from view dont leave them near your doors or windows dont let it happen to you and be safe.

May 10 2019 10:06AM by Harry Tiffany

Always hire licensed and reputable locksmith because they are good in their work and never cheat with you in any condition.

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