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High Security Locks Which Ones To Choose

By Derek Mercer, Sep 27 2017 07:52AM

When looking for High Security Locks in Widnes which ones do you choose ? as there will be plenty advertising as High Security but are they ?

The Highest standards a lock can achieve in the UK is 3 Star Diamond Grade and only locks that offer the best protection against modern day methods of attack achieve this grade, so it makes sense that these locks are High Security.

Another question to ask your locksmith when looking for High Security Locks is what locks do they have on their own doors ? It makes sense to recommend locks which they are using themselves, as for Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes we chiose to use Federal Ironguard Locks on our doors, they are 3 Star Diamond Grade Locks with restricted keys meaning only the owner of the lock can get keys cut.

If you would like a free no obligation quote for High Security Locks then give Derek or Pam a ring on 07855 867422 we are here for our customers.

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