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Emergency Locksmith Widnes 07967-778940

Need an Emergency locksmith in Widnes now  then call Derek on 07967-778940 your Locksmiths in Widnes  can be with you within 45 minutes and get you back into your premises, Your Emergency Locksmith Widnes can replace locks if  your keys have been lost or stolen and we charge local  not national prices.


Our  Emergency Locksmith Widnes prices are from £53 which inlcudes a euro cylinder lock where required

We do not charge vat or call out fee there is no hidden extras and can normally give you a price over the phone if you require a Emergency locksmith in Widnes then give Derek a ring on 07967-778940.


Emergency Locksmiths in Widnes are normally required when someone requires entry to premises because they have either lost or misplaced keys or when someone else has keys and you no longer want them to be able to gain entry to your premises.


Our Emergency Locksmith Widnes service is available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.


Your Emergency Locksmith Widnes carrys a substantial amount of stock and so normally we only need to visit your premises once giving you peace of mind when you need it most.


Wherever possible  Locksmith Widnes will try and gain entry to your premises without damaging the lock however sometimes this is not possible for example when a lock has failed and you cant open it with your key, in this scenario Locksmiths Widnes may need to unlock your door by damaging the lock.







Emergency Locksmith Widnes

Emergency Locksmith Widnes 07967 778940

Local Locksmiths Widnes v The National Locksmiths Widnes Whats The Difference ?

When you call Lockeys Locksmiths you will speak to

So your looking for Locksmiths in Widnes you find on the internet loads to choose from so who do you pick ? The majority of the choices at the very top of google will be National Locksmiths and those further down the page will be local locksmiths Widnes so whats the difference ?

If you consider that both may have the same knowledge and experience the main differences will be aa follows:

1. When you call a local locksmith you will be speaking directly with the organ    grinder and not the monkey.

2. Prices will be a lot cheaper with local locksmiths as they normally charge for the job and not per hour.

3. You will get a quicker response with a local locksmith

4. If you needed a locksmith again you could get the same locksmith this may not happen if you use a national locksmith

5. Local locksmiths rely on providing good customer service and quality of work so in my opinion you are more likely to get a better job done.


For a no obligation quote give Derek or Pam a ring on 07967 778940 Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes believe in Quality and Reliability weve built our business on this.

If You Have a Mortice Lock Problem, Change It Before You Get Locked Out Says Locksmiths Widnes


If you are having probkems with a mortice lock in Widnes then we suggest you dont leave it until you get locked out. One of our recent customers had this lock pictured on her shop door, its an old but very secure chubb 3G110 they are not easy to open when locked or when they fail.

The customer locked up for lunch she had already had problems locking it at times (tell tale signs) on her return to open up for afternoon appointments it would not unlock this left the customer in a bit of a panic she had customers due, luckilly enough we were with her within 10 minutes and opened her door within 5 meaning that she did not have to turn any customers away, but this scenario could have been a lot different, not ony would it have cost for the locksmith it would have also meant that she lost valuable custom.

If you have a problem with a mortice lock or in fact any other lock dont leave it until its too late, give Derek or Pam a ring at Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940 we provide no obligation quotes.

Emergency Locksmiths Widnes Here To Help The Customer


When you call our Emergency Locksmiths in Widnes on 07967 778940 you will get a few guarantees firstly your call will be answered by one of the business owners either Pam or Derek secondly after working out what your problem is we will offer you the possible solutions and will quote prices if required which will be all in there will be no call out charge or vat to add and hirdly we will give you a estimated time of arrival which should be within 30 minutes and also phone you when we are 5 minues off so if the weather is bad and your locked out you dont need to be standing next to your door waiting for us to arrive.

At Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes we are here for our customers becuase without you we wouldnt be here.

Locksmiths Widnes Using Methods Old And New


At Locksmiths Widnes we use methods both old and new and it includes specialist tools such as the ball of string andg magnet, dont laugh its surprising how many people find themselves locked out as a result of the only set of keys for the property being posted through the letterbox now its fairly easy if the keys are conveniently at the bottom of the door however if they are away from the door then tis is were the skill comes into play and of course extra tools to guide the keys into position.

If you need a Widnes Locksmith then call Pam or Derek on 07967 778940 we are family owned and run and here for our customers.


Dont Bury Your Head In The Sand With Problem Locks Call 07967 778940 For A No Obligation Quote

You can avoid the need for a Emergency Locksmith in Widnes by sorting out problem locks before they lock your out. We realise that some customers have not budgetted for a door lock failing but it masy cost less than you think to solve the problem and you wont know without asking for a no obligation quote.

Call Pam or Derek of Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940 and ask for a quote you would then have a idea of what your lock problem is and how much it will be to fix it so you could then ask other Widnes locksmiths for a quote compare prices and have you lock problem fixed atr your convenience.

We would suggest if your having to delay fixing the lock then if possible dont use it until its fixed.