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Providing Locksmiths in Widnes means working with and on behalf of the community in and around the Widnes areas. Our work is varied and no two days are the same.


Our Widnes Locksmiths provide residential services which can include replacing locks for customers this is usually due to customers moving into a new property and not knowing who previously had keys to the property, this is something that Locksmith Widnes would always reccomend and may be a  requirement of your insurance company.


Locksmiths Widnes also upgrade locks this may be required by an insurance company as a result of an older property having older locks that no longer provide sufficient security.


Widnes Locksmiths also provide services for businesses and Private Landlords in Widnes and surrounding areas we are a growing family owned business who has our customers to thank for our success, we believe in providing a reliable, quality service at a reasonable cost.

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Locksmith Widnes Solving UPVC Door Lock Problems

Did you know that over 70 percent of all doors in the UK is now of the UPVC type ? here at Locksmiths Widnes we are working with these types of door locks on a weekly basis and unlike the wooden door locks there isnt a standard size or make or model in fact theres that many different types models and sizes we have a catalogue on them.


If your having a problem with your upvc door lock then give Locksmith Widnes a ring we can help you work out what the problem is and if you want us to give you a quote for work required then we will do so, you can then phone other Locksmiths Widnes for quotes to see how much you can save with Locksmith Widnes

Emergency Locksmiths in Widnes

If your locked out in Widnes then give us a ring we can be with you within 30 minutes of your call, our Emergency Locksmiths in Widnes service can get you back into your home fast with our free no obligation quotes, quick response and prices from just £53 we know we are competitivley priced Locksmiths in Widnes.

Lock Replacement in Widnes

If you looking for Lock Replacement in Widnes then yuve come to the right place our Widnes Locksmiths can replace your locks form just £53 including a Lock alternatively if you wanted to change over the lock yourself then you will need to know a few things including the cylinder size why ? becuase there is over 129 differing sizes of euro cylinder locks, then once youve purchesd the correct size lock you will need to take the old lock out and put the new lock in sometimes this involves taking the door handles off and perchaps a security cover over the lock if fitted.