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We provide Locksmiths in Widnes and surrounding areas Locksmith Widnes provide the following locksmith services in Widnes:


Emergency Locksmith Widnes 07967-778940


Need an Emergency Locksmith Widnes ? This Service is usually for people who are locked out of  premises in widnes and need to gain entry as soon as possible, your Locksmith Widnes can be with you within 45 minutes to gain entry to your premises and if required change your locks call Derek your locksmith Widnes for a free no obligation quote.


Locksmith Widnes Lock Opening


Can Locksmith Widnes open any locks ? So far there hasnt been any door lock that we could not open and Locksmith Widnes will always try and open your lock without damaging the lock however if you need to gain entry to your property fast or you are replacing the lock then there are other methods of opening locks faster than lock picking when this is the case we replace your lock within our quoted price.


Locksmith Widnes Lock Replacement


Locksmith Widnes offer a locks replacement service from just £58 for one euro cylinder and £116 for two euro cylinders so you can replace your back and front upvc door locks for just £116. If you require high security locks then we will be only to willing to advise and quote on your required need.


Lock Upgrades Widnes


Locksmith Widnes can upgrade your locks for you ensuring that you are compliant with the requirements of your insurers. Locksmith Widnes can change and fit new locks to suit your budget for more information call Derek your Locksmith Widnes on 07967-778940


Locksmith Widnes House-Mover Special

.Locksmith Widnes always suggest that when you move property that you change your locks as we do not know how many people have copies of our keys this neednt be expensive as our Widnes Locksmiths can change your front and back door euro cylinders for just £106 in total no other charges, we know this is a competitive price so much that we advices calling around for quotes from other Locksmiths in Widnes to see how much you can save.

Locksmiths Widnes Helping To Prevent Crime

The fishermen are back out again, one of the oldest tricks in the book is becoming popular again amongst theives. Lockmiths Widnes advise all our customers to ensure before going to bed that all car keys are kept well away from the door this will prevent theives from fishing your keys out through the letterbox, dont get caught out like this and save yoursewlf the bother.

Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved Call 07967 778940

Locksmiths Widnes Upvc door problems solved

By calling Locksmiths Widnes you can solve those Upvc Door Lock Problems whether youve got floppy handles, you cant open your door, cant lock your door, cant get the key out of the lock when you lock the door or amy other problem jusg give us a ring on 07967 778940 for free advice and a no obligation quote we are dealing with these type of door locks every week, dont let it get worse give us a ring today

Locksmiths Widnes Helping You To Make Your Home Your Castle

Locksmiths Widnes Helping You Make Your Home Your Castle

Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940 helping you to make you home your castle how do we do this ? its simple insurance companies are experts when it comes to risk assessment they make it their business to know how crimes are being committed and advise customers on what locks they expect you to have in your home, so the easiest way to make your home your castle is to compare what locks your insurance company wants you to have with what you actually have on your doors/windows and then better it.

Here at Widnes Locksmiths 07967 778940 we provide free no obligation quotes over the phone and have locks to suit most budgets from standard security to high security locks.


Whether you have wooden doors, upvc doors or composite doors we can help as we supply and fit Mortice Locks and Nightlatches for wooden doors, euro cylinder and multipoint locks for upvc and composite doors just give Pam or Derek the business owners a ring on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.

Looking For Internal Door Locks In Widnes ? Call 07967 778940

Lockkeys Locksmiths Entrance Lock Set

Looking for internal door locks in Widnes, need a bit of privacy in your home office or bedrooms then give Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes a ring on 07967 778940 and speak to Pam one of the business owners we can provide different options to our customers which includes nightlatches, mortice locks and door entrance sets dependent on what the customers needs are, one example is the door entrance set see picture which although is not of a high security nature its enough to keep the kids out.

If yur looking for internal door locks hen we can help and with our no call out charges and no vat we are one of the most competitive Locksmiths in Widnes for a free no obligation quote give Pam or Derek a ring at Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940.

Replacing Locks In Widnes How To Measure A Euro Cylinder

Lockkeys Locksmiths How To Measure A Euro Cylinder

If your looking at replacing your locks in Widnes then give Pam or Derek your Locksmiths in Widnes a call on 07967 778940 for a no obligation quote we are here for our customers, alternatively if your going to replace you locks yourself then you would need to measure the lock you need using the following common method.

Take the lock out of the door then measure both sides from the centre of the screw hole to the edge of the lock remember that there are over 19 different sizes and they may not be equal on both sides of the lock.

For example the lock pictured is a total of 70mm in length and each side measures 35mm therefore this lock is a 35/35 euro cylinder.

Anti Snap Locks Fitted In Widnes


When you need anti snap lock fitting in Widnes give Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes a call on 07967 778940 because not all anti snap locks are the same. Some locks described as anti snap or snap safe will not protect you in the case of a snapping attack.

Only 3 star euro cylinder locks are tested against snapping attacks and the best of these are 3 star Diamond Grade Euro Cylinders such as the Apecs AP Euro Cylinder pictured if you would like a no obligation quote then speak to Derek or Pam of Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940

Locksmiths Widnes Always Learning


At Locksmiths Widnes we are always learning our trade is not one that you can learn at college so how do we hone our skills ?

Most locksmiths learn from each other, we often have training sessions with another locksmith and discuss and practice on locks often buying locks to destroy so that we know exactly what happens to the lock when its attacked and fails.

We also learn from locksmith forums and whatsapp groups were locksmiths from all over the country share information and offer advice.

Dont Forget Your Shed Security Says Locksmiths Widnes


At Locksmiths Widnes our role includes offering security advice and this should include securing your sheds. Its important to ensure sheds are secure because we store valuable items there such as bikes lawnmowers tools and ladders.

Many thieves break into sheds looking for tools which they then use to force entry to houses, lets not make it easy for them by locking away smaller tools in a metal box or cupboard and larger items could be chained together and padlocked.

Using a quality hasp and staple with a good padlock is advisable you can even get alarm padlocks now which activate when tampered with but are heavy enough not to go off in the wind.

Shed alarms are also affordable working off batteries andff can be placed where you want them lets not make it easy for thieves by securing our sheds.