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UPVC LOCK PROBLEMS WIDNES ? Save yourself some money and time and call Derek your Locksmith in Widnes we can give your a free quote and advice over the phone whether you need a UPVC MULTIPOINT LOCK changing or UPVC DOOR HANDLES changing we are here to help.


Locksmith Widnes can normally give you a price over the phone for replacement upvc multipoints if required and can normally diagnose problems over the phone by asking  you a few questions.


Locksmith Widnes can normally replace your faulty upvc door lock for £145 in total please get other quotes from locksmiths and see how much you can save her at Locksmiths Widnes we are family owned and ran so our overheads are lower than other national locksmiths who advertise we then pass on the savings to our customers simples.

Upvc Lock Problems Widnes

Common Upvc Door Lock Problems Explained

Most doors in the UK now are of the Upvc type, and although they are less maintenance than wooden doors they still can have problems these problems are normally caused by either wear and tear or that the door drops and becomes mis-aligned with the frame. so if you have any of the following problems then give Derek or Pam of Locksmiths Widnes a ring on  07967 778940 and ask for a no obligation quote.


1. Unable to unlock the door.

2. Unable to Lock the door.

3. The handle is just spinning round.

4. The handle is very hard to lift up.

5. The key is just spinning in the lock.

6. The handle has snapped off.

7. The door is hard to close.

Problems Locking My Upvc Door

If youve got problems locking your upvc door then there is a way to find out whether its a problem with your lock or a problem with the alignment of your door.


Simply open your door and try to lock your door when its open eg lift the handles and turn the key, if it locks in ghe open position without any problems then you then know that the problem is with the alignment of the door and not the lock which is not an expensive thing to sort out.


If youve still got problems locking your door then why the door is open lift up the handle and look at the side of the door at the hooks and rollers that operate wjen you move the handle are they all moving freely ? or is there one or more parts not operating ? if this is the case then the problem is with your multipoint lock which would need replacing.


Whatever your problems are give Derek and Pam a ring at Locksmiths Widnes 07967 778940 we provide free advice and free no obligation quotes we are here for our customers becuase without you we wouldnt be here.

Key Stuck In the Lock ? Or Key Snapped In The Lock

Key Snapped In Lock

If youve got a key stuck in your lock or your key has snapped in the lock then give Pam or Derek a ring on 07967 778940 for a free no obligation quote although there are a number of reasons why this happens the solution is usually to replace your Euro Cylinder.

When we replace a euro cylinder there is 3 new keys with it and we guarantee the lock for 12 months.

Replacing Upvc Door Handles

Locksmiths Widnes Upvc door problems solved

If your upvc door handles have snapped or are showing signs of wear and tear then the tie has come for replacing your Upvc Door Handles...

There are loads of different makes and sizes so if your going to replace them your self then its important to get the right size, and this can be done by taking one of the handles with you to a upvc suppliers or one of the bigger hardware stores, but please ensure you get exactly the same size handles with the same screw measurements otherwise they will not fit and once the packaging has been opened you might not be able to take them back, alternatively give us a ring Derek or Pam a ring at Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940 for a free no obligation quote.

My Upvc Door Lock Is Obsolete Do I Need A New Door ?

If you have an older upvc door and the multipoint lock fails then you could have been told that you need a new door if this is the case then give Locksmith Widnes a ring on 07967 778940 and speak to Derek or Pam we are good at sourcing the older locks and even if you cant get the same lock we can nearly always replace your lock with an updated version.


As Lccksmiths Widnes do not charge for a call out and provide free no obligation quotes you have nothing to lose by calling us.

Upvc Door Dropped ? Then Call Locksmiths Widnes On 07967 778940

If your upvc door has dropped causing problems locking or shutting the door then give Derek or Pam a call at Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940 we are working on these doors on a daily basis and can normally solve these types of problems.

Normally your door will have either flag type hinges or butt/pencil type hinges on it, please be aware that not every type of hinge is adjustable and on some there is not much of an adjustment available, if this is the case and we have come out to do work for you and are unable to adjust your hinges or door/keeps then there will be no charge from Locksmiths Widnes as we only charge for completed work.

When a upvc or composite door drops our customers normally find it harder to lock the door because of the mis-alignment of gthe lock with the door keeps, if this is not sorted out then over time there is the chance that the multipoint lock will fail and will need replacing.

If you would like a no obligation quote for this type of work or any other locksmith work then please give us a ring on 07967 778940 and speak directly with the business owners either Pam or Derek.

High Security Anti Snap Locks In Widnes

high security anti snap locks

If your looking at changing your locks in Widnes then why not consider changing them to High Security Anti Snap Locks ? Although here are a number of antisnap locks on the market there are a limited few that are are 3 star diamond grade locks which is the highest security grading in the UK today.

If you want your doors to have High Security Antisnap locks on then give us a ring Locksmiths Widnes for a free no obligation quote on 07967 778940 you will speak directly witth  the business owners Derek or Pam.

Anti-Snap Locks Whats The Difference ? Ask Locksmiths Widnes on 07967 778940


All anti-snap locks are not the same so whats the difference ? Our Locksmith in Widnes Derek explains that only 3 star euro cylinders are tested to withstand lock-snapping attacks and the best of these 3 star euro cylinders are the daimond grade.

At Locksmiths Widnes we recommend 3 star diamond grade euro cylinders when you want anti-snap locks.

Upvc Door Lock Hard To Lock ? It Could Be A Number Of Things


When your upvc door lock is getting harder to lock its normally caused by one of two problems either the multipoint lock itself is on its way out and or it could be the door simply needs re-aligning.

If the door needs re-aligning and isnt doen then normally the added pressure/force required to lock the door causing something to fail. It could be the handles that break or could be the multipoint lock itself that fails or both  this means replac ing both your handlkes and multipoint lock itself whereas if you realize something isnt right and get the door re-aligned before the lock fails it will cost you a lot less.

At Lockkeys Locksmiths Widnes we are working on upvc door locks almost daily so if you should need a quote then give Pam or Derek a call on 07967 778940 we provide no obligation quotes dont charge vat or a call out fee....